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"Nuturing a long distance relationship."
Am having trouble trying to nuture a distance relationship with my girlfriend... we fell in love while in the same country... but they moved back to their country... we are still in love, we are still connected; but am scared am gonna loose her. Please how will i make the relationship meaningful and secure?
posted by Victor on 11/3/2010 @4:11:46 AM •
I think if you two are really in love you would just trust eachother that you will have nothing to worry about. Maybe you should plan a secret trip to visit her and I think she would be really excited that you liked her enough to do something like that for her. I'm sorry I don't know what your going through I have never had a long distance relationship but I think its sweet that you guys are still together. :)
posted by Sarah on 11/5/2010
Just make sure to communicate. Communicate different ways. Call, e-mail,text, snail mail. Never go to sleep mad at each other. SO always talk out your problems. The little things are what people remember the most, those are the things that make you different from other people. Send her little text telling her how much you appreciate her, email her cute pics and so on. And relax and trust her. Sometimes relationship work sometimes they dont but never force it.'
posted by ?? on 11/12/2010

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