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"Mean Girls"
There is this girl on my bus who think she is better than everyone else. I am a junior but she is only a sophomore but she likes to think of herself as the king of the school. I know lame. Just recently there was a death of a freshman girl at my school because of a house fire. Today one of the girls friends was telling us how he felt about her death. The girl butts into our conversation to tell him to grow up and stop bragging. This was not only rude but not necessary especially with the topic of discussion. How can i get her to stop being so rude without being rude myself? What should I do if i meet other people like this?
posted by Sarah on 11/5/2010 @5:51:40 PM •
Best thing to do is stand up to her in a non violent way. I know you are not the only one who feels this way. So why not get a couple of people that have been hurt by her and stand up to her together. One person can make a different but a lot of people can make a greater difference. Just tell her how you feel, tell her how she has hurt everyone of you and how she is hurting herself by shutting people out of her life. Maybe she is going through something hard in her life and this is the only way she feels she could work it out. Show how that if she needs help you are there for her.
posted by ?? on 11/12/2010
Well, I have a group og girls at my school that are simular to her. So, I know exactly how you feel. People probably say just to ignore her but I believe sometimes enough is enough. Due to the fact that she made that rude remark about a serious topic on the bus, I think that you should say something to her like for example, maybe "can you please keep your comments to yourseld, I would really appreciate it." and make sure you do not say it with annoyance. If you do not want to say that alonee, you and a group of friends maybe could say it together as agroup. This will probably make an impact on the girl to change. I hope I helped!:)
posted by Lanie on 11/14/2010

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