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"long distance relationship-im mad"
ME and my boyfriend of two years have been in a long distance relationship for less than two years and i get mad everytime he does not call because i expect him to call me everyday since he has a phone plan that wont charge him for long distance relationship. I want him to call me everyday even if its just for a year. He didnt call me this weds and the only reason he called me on thursday its because i sent him an angry text(not the first time) but if it wasnt for that he would have not called and gone to a resort until sunday without calling me. When he called i was mad and he told me he was going to the resort for 3 days and wont be able to call me, that got me even more mad and i started to cry but he did not notice. it makes me feel like he has no time for me and he rather be with his friend at a nice resort having a good time, while im stuck at home crying my eyes out, than talking to me. i dont know what to do. i dont know if i made a big deal of something so small.
posted by sbg on 11/12/2010 @4:56:45 PM •
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