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"afraid of moms new husband causing death"
My mother met this man around 4-5 years ago and i am not sure if he is lisenting mentaly the to the things around him or not but since she met him I have lost my grampa from my fathers side and my grandad and grandmother from my mothers side as well my grandmother on my dads side died years ago I also just lost my brother 1 week ago and im not sure if this sounds wierd but he seems like a nice man he is suppost to be a prosectuor from the states and the biggest thing is, is that even at thier wedding thier were at least 50 people not one person came from my mothers new husband and I mean it thier were even questions asked i am writing this because my brother of 31 years of age lost his life and im not sure if he is trying to narrow it down but most importantly if someone could send me an email reguarding possible incidences or people to call it would be of great help and when i mean mentally he watches alought of tv and as do curtain people in my life even women I have kids with and they sometimes have turned to me and said they hate me and im not sure if its because i cheat on her or if its because she is trying to show him stuff i know it sounds nuts but when you see someone squint at a tv when thier only a 2 feet away it scares and it scared me before my grandmother and my brother died so if anyone is intelgent with what i am writing about please send me an email back. As well I cant stop saying jesus christ my savior about everything in my life and i mean everything.
posted by Max Keyes (age 29) on 11/18/2010 @3:12:16 AM •
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