relationship advice (post new situation)
Dear Miss emily,
I really need your help! And please don't say "you desrve better, hes not worth it " or anything like that cuz to me he is. .
okayy welll story here is me and my ex Chris went out for a year, it ws makeup and break up thing. longest time we ever spilt for was like for 2 weeks.. then. I cheated. he was so madd.. but we had sex and alot of it.. ): and i only did it in hopes to get him back . he didn't come back . . I begged and he always said no but i felt like i was slowly getting him back. andsoon he stared saying he loved me again and saying he wanted me back, we did all the couple things. we hungout. kissed an everything only thing left wa that he had to ask me out. he said he wanted to do it in the right time, we hungout on a friday, he hugged me and he kissed m and told me heloved me. then all these nasty girls came to the park, and a girl in the group hugged chris. it was more like the were holding each other.. i got so jealous i started crying.. and he got mad cuz i was crying and he said OMFG are you serious!? and i cried even more, and he left me alone at the park & leftwith the girls as if nothing.. i thought he would of felt bad.. guess not. Turns out later that day in a party he madeout with a girl, and they madeout alot.. i didn't know, & the next day, stupid me went to go hangout with him, at a party i forgave him for ditching me at the park then i see a girl crying in the party and chris went and talkd to her and i ove heard him say "only cuz we madeout doesnt mean i like you! i love ana! " and i went up to him and said YOU MADEOUTWITH HER!!?!!? when!
and the girl he kissed told
me the entire story.. i went crazy. i started crying.. and yelling chris cried too, i ignored him for a week but he kept begging and begging so i gave him a chance. we were back together, then like 3 days after i got a txt saying chris kissed my WORST enemy. a girl he knew i hated with all my
heart and i dumped him, i slapped him & spit on his face.
i really regret it.
he has forgaven me. bu he wont date me
ive cried and begged and hes still gone..
he thinks im better off without him
but im not and iv showed him but he still ignores me! :( i forgave him! for kissing 2 girls! why wont he forgive me..
please help me. i told him im willing to put all th bad stuff in the past
and just be happy with him & he just says "im sorry ana but no."
so he wont take me
): we went a month without talking after i slapped him,
i wanted to give him time to get over being madd
but when i said sorry and i said i missed him he said
"i knew you'd beback here sooner or later and i was right but this time i WILL NOT take you back"
posted by anaa on 11/21/2010 @3:32:34 AM •
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