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I work at Martins(Ukrops) and there is a guy that works with me, he wears glasses so no one can see his eyes. We were close friends, but then he started catching feelings, must i say i have a boyfriend. When were at work he gets mad when i hug anyone else or talks to neone else. I told him i dont like him like that, but he just tells me shut the hell up or calls me a ****. He spreads rumors around saying i slept with him. NOT TRUE now all my friends look at me different. I love my job and my friends. I dont want to leave. He knows were i live because he took me to work one day, he keeps a gun, hes a felon. got arrested for cocaine. Hes crazy!!! What should i do because i havent told neone yet, i think he might hurt me if i do or get him fired. RESPOND ASAP!!
posted by Anonomyous (age 17) on 11/21/2010 @8:33:55 PM •
You need to report this behavior to your supervisor ASAP and let them know that you are afraid of him and afraid of how he may respond to getting reprimanded. Tell your friends and your parents ASAP! Tell them everything you know about this person and what he's been doing. Your supervisor should know how to take appropriate action, but if his behavior worsens you can file for a restraining order through your local law enforcement. You do not have to feel uncomfortable in your work environment and you want to make sure you are protecting yourself from potentially harmful people. You have to absolutely let your family and friends know what's going on with this guy and do it immediately. Best of luck - Alisa, advice columnist for "The Movement Within"
posted by Alisa on 12/17/2010

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