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My son and his wife are mad at me because I was sick and did not call my granddaugher on her birthday. This was Jan 10,2010 almost a year and I have not seen or talk to them. It is killing me, what should I do? Also my daughter in law put some really hurtful things on FB about me.

posted by Molly (age 56) on 11/22/2010 @3:39:42 AM •
The reason to not talk to you for a whole year seems silly, is there more to the story? maybe a have you done some things before and this was the end of the line for them? Going to see your son in person could help. You must apologize cause its obvious they were hurt when you didnt call their daughter on her birthday. Tell them what you've been wanting to say, and if he dosnt like you being there then leave dont cause a scene. After your son see's you it will set a impact on him. Especially if your are trying to apoligize and your not angry.
posted by Craig on 11/27/2010
To me, that is very pitiful on their part. Did you by chance send her a birthday card or gift? Have you talked to your granddaugher since her birthday? Things happen! Its a birthday. Did your daughter in laws parents, aunts and uncles all call to wish her a happy birthday? I doubt it! As a parent, how many times have you been there for them? This is what spoiled people don't understand. Wish you luck. I would try to call your granddaughter and explain to her. She would definitely be the most forgiving.
posted by brandon (age 52) on 11/29/2010

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