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"I dont understand.."
I dont understand why i can't accept my cousin for who she is. I grew up with my cousin when i was little. I always knew there was something terribley wrong with her. She was more of a tomBoy, she always wear her hair in a braid, baggy pants and shirt, and always hung around boys. She never dated anyone untill age 19. Finaly we all were waiting for what she was going to say. She finaly came out. I knew she was scared of out thoughs, but i just couldnt help it. Everytime i see her i always think negitive thoughts; like' ew, discusting, vomit'. I dont know why i do that. But i just dont understand why she would chose that life style. She shaved her head the other day, and people is starting to call her boy names and she like it ( brother, uncle, he). I always have this look of discust on my face like shes attracted to girls, so i put this huge wall between us, and im distant myself away from her. She recentlt caught me talking about gays, and she jump on my ass about that **** and called me a homo-phobic, im so full of it. I have my own thoughts; but i would just never think of myself as a homophobic. I definitly miss our old relationship. I think in order of us having this close relationship again, one of us has to change and i dont think its going to be me for now. Is there going to be a way for her to change so we can have that bond again, or is there away around it? Sorry for some 'might be considerd rude' comments. Please give me advice?
posted by Melissa (age 17) on 11/29/2010 @1:28:50 AM •
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