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"uggh mom's "
well i am getting married on the 4th of feburary and my mom hates my fiance. i just wished she would accept him, but i dont know how to talk to her about it.
posted by candi on 2/3/2008 @2:56:19 PM •
Ok, Candi. This must be really hard for you but I think you just have to plain out tell your mom how you feel about her not liking your fiance. It will work itself out but unless you do something it wont get any better. Good luck.
posted by jamie on 2/3/2008
tell her the good things about him and tell her how much you love him.
posted by mia on 2/9/2008
let your mom see how well he takes care of you. tell her about the little sweet things he does for you or says. it doesn't have to be too intimate, just give her a glimpse of your point of view. she really only wants what is best for you- a man that will care for you and take care of you for the rest of your life (remember- that's what marriage used to be about and many of our mothers hold much different ideals about marriage than we do!).

find out exactly what she doesn't like about him. it may be a simple misconception or miscommunication! its a situation that can probably be resolved with some work and communication!

if it is as serious as a personality conflict (some people just don't like each other for no good reason. i know this one guy i can't stand!) then you'll have to work around it. plan special "girls weekends" with mom where she can spend time with you without your husband.

maybe, after seeing that he's not "stealing" you away from her and that he treats you like a princess, she'll eventually come around. only time can tell! Good luck and best wishes.
posted by lj on 2/20/2008

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