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Need help. I have been 11-year-old nephew's second parent all his life. He and my sister lived with me until he was 5 and I've had him a night or two a week ever since. She has been dating and living with an unemployed, bipolar man for last year and broke up with him for about the 5th time in as many months a few weeks ago. She had to get a restraining order because he wouldn't leave her house and he got so mad he threatened both her and me. Then she found out the reason he's been such a deadbeat and so emotional is because he was on meth. Now he has a job and swears he's clean and that he's sorry and she's forgiven him. My nephew doesn't know these details and he's happy they are back together. He loves us all and wants us all to get along. I am scared about our safety, concerned that my nephew will be exposed to drugs if the boyfriend relapses, and hurt that my sister wants to be with someone who threatened me. I haven't been able to pretend everything is ok and now my nephew is mad at me because he doesn't understand why I don't like his mom's boyfriend. What should I do?
posted by EJ on 12/7/2010 @1:59:20 AM •
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