relationship advice (post new situation)
"i love him"
Im in love with someone sooooo perfect. We makeout, talk and we are pretty much perfect together BUT he doesn't want to be my boyfriend. (i don't think) I mean we have been together before and it was amazing. It ended smoothly (kinda). But now i don't know what to do.
posted by laura on 2/3/2008 @7:46:41 PM •
well try 2 take it easy u can be INDEPENDENT
ur 1 by ur self
and good on your own
u dont need a boy friend but if u really love him go after him and tell him how much u love him before its to late
posted by leilani on 2/3/2008
It's gonna be kind of awkward, but the best thing you can do if tell him how you feel. Be honest with him, and tell him you want the same from him. He will tell you how he really feels if you tell him you want a serious relationship.
And the best way to find out what he thinks,
isnt from friends or peers.
Its by asking him.
So just go for it,
and if he says no,
Your life won't end.
We stress over the opposite sex way too much. Its not the most important thing right now,
and rightfully so.
Don't let it be.

Tylar Bullion.
posted by Tylar on 2/4/2008

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