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"I Just Want Everyone to Get Along"
O.k. so Christmas Eve I always spend with my family. This year I have Adrian, the love of my life, and after several abusive and failed relationships I finally have someone who makes me very happy and loves me with all his heart. We are getting married and have been living with eachother for about 5 months now. My Mom has been very adamant about him NOT joining us for Christmas Eve saying she doesnít have room for him and she wouldnít have any gifts for him to open Christmas morning. Adrianís parents arenít doing anything for Christmas and he is expecting to go with me to my parentsí house for Christmas Eve. I donít know what to do. I want him to be with me but my mom is being a real beeatch about my relationship with him. I donít want to tell him about her attitude. He really wants their approval and I want everyone to get along. What do I do? Please help!
posted by Steph on 12/10/2010 @2:07:17 PM •
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