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"life sucks"
i cant take my life any more i have no friends. No one listens ti me in my family. What should i do?
posted by Jameel (age 18) on 12/15/2010 @12:06:53 PM •
To start, you need to search out a positive support system for yourself. Whether it be a group, a class, a church, a job, ect., anything that you are interested in to meet new friends and people who share your interests. If you don't have people around you that give you love and support, then you must seek them out. Why do you feel like you have no friends or is there a reason you are aware of that's contributed to a lack of friendships? Feeling alone or isolated in life is really painful, but know that it can all turn around and you can receive the love and support you need. Relationships where you are heard, but you just need to take action towards seeking out what you feel is missing. Best of luck - Alisa, advice columnist for "The Movement Within"
posted by Alisa on 12/17/2010
bro.. do it one thing go N approach ur parents with very com k.... don't warry if dey ignore ur word don't loose ur hope... try it.. i friends matter dey r al not come wit u..ur whole lyf..
posted by vijoi (age 21) on 12/17/2010

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