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"how to get my 10 yr. old boyfriend back"
i broke up with him and now he is going out with a girl named stephani. he said he still has fellings for me but he does not want to get hurt again
and he said "he is not a bad person" and he does not want to break her heart
posted by leilani on 2/3/2008 @10:36:56 PM •
This may sound harsh, but if he really wants to be with u, he wouldn't b with stephani. I don't know why u guys broke up, but it was important enough to cause that break. When u look at an ex it's easy to remember those kind of feelings u shared together and u get nostalgic. Mainly cos u want that experience again. It's hard but mayb the best thing to do is to move on. Wish u luck xx
posted by a friend on 2/5/2008

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