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"i dont know what to do with my life"
i am 24 and i don't know what to do with my life. i have a bachelors degree like a college degree in Insurance. i used to work as a cashier in some company but i hated it. i stayed there for one yr and i resigned as i couldn't stand it any longer. i was really unhappy. now, i have stayed home for 2 months. i seem not to have any talent or gift whatsoever. i have no idea how to move on. i can't really say where i want to be in the next 5 year because right now, i am blank. i need help!!!!
posted by mariam on 12/23/2010 @6:57:27 PM •
well i would say just get away for awhile visit your family and maybe go into a new occupation
posted by holly on 12/23/2010
Do a search in your area for a career counseling program. Sometimes there are schools that offer them for a discounted rate. The program will consist of counseling and personality tests to determine what type of work you would be naturally good at and would enjoy doing. I would also suggest to start evaluating yourself internally, make a list of all the things you want in a job and all of the things you know you probably wouldn't like. Ask yourself what do you feel passionate about, what types of things in life bring you enjoyment currently? We spend 80% of our lives working, so it is very important to find something that you truly enjoy doing everyday! Once you start evaluating your wants, needs, likes, dislikes, you may find that there ARE things you are gifted at and you just didn't realize it! Career counseling can be a very valuable outside tool for providing some direction, if you find it is difficult to do it on your own.
posted by Alisa on 1/18/2011

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