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"family gone insane!!!"
ok so im the middle child in the family and i want to speak out right brother is gay :( my dad is gay :( my little sister is a lesbian:( im the only straight one in the family cuz my mom turned out a lesbian as well and its disturbing when you hear your dad and brother effing up the butt at night:( and my sister macking out on girls she brings home...i just dont know what to do im always embarrased to bring my boyfriends home cuz of the issues and they yell at me if i kiss or hug the opposite sex im just lost in life and neeed help please!!!! i should just eff my boyfriend on the couch to show my dad and brother what it feels like to hear that everynight! and its weird my dad and brother show affection for one another cuz my brother get anything he wants! :( HELP!!!
posted by Molly Jay on 12/23/2010 @10:58:54 PM •
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