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"relationship help?"
Ok not sure where to start, I left my husband and got a divorce because I was unhappy. I also have 2 children. I re-connected with my first high school boyfriend, and things of course were great. He even moved in pretty quickly with me. He was a great help to my kids and all etc. Given I was going through a lot of emotional distress with work and personal issues a lot of it was naturally directed towards my boyfriend.

Everything seemed fine, but i noticed in the last weeks, I asked for some time to myself. So he left and soon after I realized, I was completely miserable and alone without him. After the first week of him leaving we had plans to go to the city with my kids and last minute, I thought it was better to just do shopping him and myself. He said he was upset I changed it to some 'date like' thing.

anyways the strangeness continued and I saw him for maybe 2 hours the next day and the following date he said he needed space. After not contacting him for several days he contacted me, and even babysat my child.

We just went to dinner and a movie recently but i feel like this is all hopeless because he said most of the reasons he left was because i was a little pushy...overbearing and not so nice to him at the end.

I would love to make this work and be able to restart, does anyone know what is the right thing to do in this situation? I just want him to return to his normal self as well as me.

He is still very attracted to me, but I want us to go back to the emotional happiness we shared almost a year ago.

He just seems somewhat distant and occasionally his regular self returns. He said I need to relax and focus on the important stuff in my life.

Also I take it as a personal offense that he just refuses to go back to my apartment with me, or is this something I should NOT focus on so much? Also he seems werid if I try to make plans..we went out to dinner and a movie last night...but just seemed werid.
posted by Laurel on 12/24/2010 @12:27:39 PM •
all I can say is just give him some time just let the time pass as it is going and express your feelings to him. give him sometime he'll come back to you.
posted by kush on 1/2/2011

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