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i just need help. i am kind of a moody person. one minute i'm up and feeling good and then the next is downhill. i am sixteen,a junior,and very busy. i am a cheerleader for my school and enjoyed it but ready to try something new,i love basketball,couldn't make the team though.My parents recently got a divorce,and i hate it,my mom just got home from rehab and we saw the rockettes tonight in nashville. This has been a very stressful year for me. Junior year is the toughest by far. i miss middle school! i just want to know how i can make life better for myself and others,i am tired of being the quiet one in the corner,i know nobody is perfect,but i sometimes beat myself up over stuff in the past,and i really need someone to talk to i guess. i am dating someone,that is great but i don't know if he's for me,he's friends with tons of girls and i hardly ever see him. I was talking to this great guy that i kinda miss,but he wasn't really into me i guess,because he didn't make time for us,i think that if someone really wants to be with you they will. I live in a small town and it's kinda lonely,i am a christian,and i love jesus! i am just tired of hypocrites. i don't like being lied to,and i'm tired of being treated like staright up dirt. i just need to vent,and get some friends,i just want to move out of this town first,its my hometown and just ready for something new and extrodinary,i sometimes look at old pictures to remind myself life isn't so bad, but it just feels that way 99 percent of the time,just really need someone help,on how to feel happier about EVERYTHING! thankyou for reading. any suggestions?
posted by AAD (age 16) on 12/25/2010 @1:33:04 AM •
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