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I was in a serious relationship for three yrs. At the end we faught alot over stupid things. When we broke up I was very hurt but we still saw each other on occasion. Now I just started a new relationship who happens to be my boss but he is what I would say to be a "safe bet". I don't have any feelings of love for him but he is head over heels in love with me. My ex called and wants me back. I am so in love with my ex but don't want to get hurt again. I know he loves me and will never hurt me because this whole time he has been hurting as well. I don't know what to do. Do I give my ex another chance? or give the safe guy a chance? If I take my ex back how do I deal with work and what do I say to my boss> and if I take my ex back how should I act or say to him so he knows that this is the last chance or do I tell him that if he comes back he needs to be ready for a commitment? HELP
posted by Kim (age 30) on 12/28/2010 @1:01:51 AM •
I think you should go back to your ex. If you don't have feelings for your boss then don't be in a relationship! I believe in true love and it seems like you have found it. Give your ex another chance. If it still doesn't work out then you just have to face it. If your not meant to be then your not meant to be. There has to be someone else out there who you are meant to be with. But anyway say this to your boss: "I love you but (your ex) has been here forever. I just don't feel anything special with you. I think your really nice and I'm sorry." and say this to your ex: "I'm sorry for everything I did. I want you back because I love you so much. But if it doesn't work out between us then sorry this will be your last chance. But for now I want you back. I have been heartbroken. Please come back." I hope you get what you were hoping for in the end! Good Luck!
posted by Catherine on 12/31/2010

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