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"Christmas Presents---or NOT"
My son and fiance came to our family Christmas on Christmas Eve. My son gave his niece and nephew which are my 2 grandchildren (4.5 and 2.5 years of age) gifts of sleeping bags, pajamas, house slippers, and 2 walmart tents---all wrapped separately. The kids loved all---especially the tents. When it was time to go home..........we were all told that all these gifts went back to Uncle's house (we're pretty sure that all this was fiance's idea) . Well all "you know what" flew and his sister (the mom) hit the ceiling and then words were thrown around between sister and fiance---including that the sister (my daughter & mother of 2 kids) had spoiled children anyway.
posted by Sharon (age 60) on 12/29/2010 @9:19:59 AM •
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