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"Hate to Love"
I need advice about someone I like. I used to absolutely hate him but now I'm in love with him! I have been heartbroken because I think he hates me! We have been enemies since we met! But now everything has changed. I love him so much and I can't stand the fact that he might not be the one! What do I do?
posted by Cathy on 12/31/2010 @2:34:55 AM •
hey hi cathy
well as u said you love him so just keep doing the same. well its what you feel for him. but you didn't velvet what he thinks about you so you cann't make your mind without knowing what he thinks so just try to know this.. try to expressions youR feelings to him. who knows that may be he also likes you. well all I can say is good luck com may god gift you with your love this new year.
happy new year.
posted by kush on 1/2/2011

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