family advice (post new situation)
my dad,he left us;we are 3..i have a sister and a brother.he left us 8 years ago and we are still waiting for him.,he is staying in Saudi Arabia now.,and we cannot afford going there!and we don't have anyone there to help us of course we lived there in my childhood;he works there.,and for the delivery of my brother we came to India;then he appointed a maid as mom's in India and from then he started avoiding mom.,and at last he left.till now mom was taking care of us because of a little property he left in India before going and now he's also selling the property without our notice!being children of a top industrialist,we don't even have good clothes to wear!
wherever we are complaining about this,he's managing with money without coming in front of us.
we don't understand what to do!
posted by subhash (age 18) on 1/4/2011 @5:17:37 AM •
your story is a sad one! i really don't have any good advice, i just wanted to let you know that i think it's a very unfair situation!
posted by jon on 3/3/2011

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