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"What to do about my parrents:"
Hi, I'm Leslie I'm 23 and I need to know what to do when my P.P.o. I put againest my father in 2006? it expires on June 28th of this year.
Well, I put this P.p.O. on him because he was doing allot of fondling, and touching me inapropreately.
I'm also afraid he's going to start comming around and then I'm going to start going to the bars and drinking like he wants.
Both my parrents do not know I'm Lds and in my religion, we're suposed to stay away from alcoholism.
My first dirnk was when I turned 21 and, I didn't enjoy it at all!
So, if my father starts taking me out drinking again, what should I do to aproach this to my Branch President of my Lds church?
Let me know.
posted by Leslie on 2/5/2008 @12:47:28 AM •
don't do anything that makes you feel like you don't have control, and that includes drinking. don't put yourself in a situation where you may be taken advantage of. ever. even if he legally doesn't have to stay away from you, make him. don't go where he is or even give him the time of day. act like he doesn't exist and make everyone around you aware of this. if you know what happens when you get around him and you know the outcomes are always the same, stay away from him at all costs. protect yourself because no one else will.
posted by jamie on 2/14/2008

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