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"pill company 's"
How do I get this pill company to stop calling me every night? I tell them to stop calling They have me confused with somebody else. When I try calling them back there number has been changed or dis-connected. They call me three to four times daily. This company is trying to sell me e-legal drugs over the phone out of Florida. I tryied to threaten them with police but it doesn't matter I've tried to block there number but they must have thousands of numbers It make me want to scream. What can I do to stop these ****?
posted by matt (age 51) on 1/7/2011 @8:24:48 PM •
get on the "do not call register" or put a block on your phone.

You could also turn them into your phone company and tell them that you will.
posted by Denise on 1/28/2011

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