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"can't get over it"
ive just started dating my exboyfriend of 3yrs again. we have been broken up for 9 months, he broke up with me because of our fighting. we have both been with different people since and now that we are back together im feeling insecure about alot that he does. i need some advice about knowing to trust him and not be so up tight and worried all the time? i always feel like hes cheating.
posted by Kelsey (age 18) on 1/11/2011 @4:17:30 PM •
Dear Kelsey,
I know it can be very hard to trust him right now but if you want it to be successful you have to put the distrust away and really try to trust again. If he's doing something you worry about talk to him and let him put your mind at ease. Trust yourself, but to an extent. If there are ever obvious signs that he's cheating don't listen to the whole "You should trust me" shpeal. Until then pretend like this is the first time you're dating him all over again and trust him.
Hope this helps.
posted by K on 1/22/2011

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