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"Torn Between the Two."
Well, let me just say thank you for the advice.
Now, Im in love with 2 totally different men.

The first is Minnesota. He is everything I prayed for in a man. The life we want together is like the "American Dream". You know, the husband, wife, and the children that are so wonderful. I love him with all my heart. But, he is sex crazy, alittle childish, and he doesn't live where I live. We can't see each other as much as we want to. It breaks my heart, i'm lonely.

My second love is Hot-Lanta. He is amazing. He, on the other hand, is not what you might think as the husband type. He doesnt believe in marriage. He thinks that a piece of paper isn't showing his love for me. He has no goals or no respect for his mother. But, he lets me be free. He knows what I want in life. He sits back and watches his girl do her thing. I love that. I love him. But, once agian, im lonely.

I met Minnesota first. I went there on a business trip and I fell in love and had to leave a week later. Made the biggest mistake ever. I left my heart in Minnesota.
I met Hot-Lanta when me and Minnesota were having problems with the distance. HL came to Detroit(Me) and he promised me love and everything I wanted. Then, the un-thinkable happend: He left & returned to Atlanta with my heart.

I love them both. I know im wrong. But sheesh, its hard to leave 1.

What should I do?
Please Help,
Torn Between the Two.
posted by Danielle on 1/17/2011 @11:27:40 PM •
Dear Torn Between The Two.

Honey, how can a man be everything you've asked for and wanted and then have so many downsides? Obviously you both don't want all of the same things if you can find that many things you don't like about him. But I'm just getting started so hold your peace until the end.

Hot-Lanta huh? Is he as hot as his title? A guy that promises you the world on a silver plater and then leaves is vcertainly not someone you can reply or depend on. PLain and simple, he shouldn't have said all of that to you then went back to Atlanta.

Darling, it sounds like you have a bunch of disposable hearts. How can they both have the entire heart with them? Anyways, Basically in my opinion it will not work with either, but your better bet is with the first one. Minnesota right? He's the closet to perfect of the two. Men naturally mature slower than women it simply depends on how much his childishness bothers you. And the sex crazy part? Let's be honest. We women want it just as much as men. Enjoy the high sexual drive while you can. When he's older it might burn out.

He wants everything you want out of life. Which makes him a keeper. I'm in a long distance so I can agree it's difficult, but sometimes it's worth it.

Hope I helped! Good luck!
posted by K on 1/22/2011
minnesota's the keeper out of the two. You should definately never trust a man who does not believe in the sanctity of marriage.

The second guy could just be a crush or lusting feeling rather than love.
posted by Denise on 1/28/2011

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