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My Friend April is seeing this guy Zack.
They really like each other but they have only know each other for a month and seen each other twice, they have already said “I love you” via text massage and have started to talk about “going all the way” (they are only 15/16). I’m really worried that she’s going way to fast and I think that she is going to get her self hurt. And ever since she’s been seeing Zack she’s been getting more and more depressed and she has stopped eating cause she thinks she is “to fat“, but she’s really at a good weight right know. And on top of that Zack told April a big lie that crushed one of my other friend, and April just turned a blind eye and didn’t think that he should be held responsible for what he said.

So the thing I was wondering is what should I say to her cause every time I try and talk to her about the two of them she gets all defensive and walks away, I’m just really worried.
posted by Kira (age 16) on 1/23/2011 @4:56:34 PM •
one thing is this: if she gets really defensive, then most likely she knows she's not acting right. that's just how it works for some reason... i guess the best thing to do is keep reminding her of how you feel, but try not to alienate her.

you're in a difficult situation!
posted by jon on 1/26/2011
Tell her that she truly deserves way, way better than this guy, who you can tell how he makes her feel about herself. She may not want to see herself without him but ask her to envision a future life with him? It won't be a pretty picture. Maybe if you and her and some other friends go out, you could introduce her to some one she may really find attractive and she will realize that she is worth more.
posted by Denise on 1/28/2011

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