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"Oh this boy.."
There's this boy whom I've been liking for about 7 months and we've tried to date before but my parents wouldn't allow it, only because I can't until I'm sixteen. This boy and I have snuck around but never have we done anything but hug and hold hands, I like him so much and he's moved on easily to other girls, I'm pretty much his backup girl and he's my number one. I literally love him. We fight quite a bit and he always gets my friends to hate me, we've said we would try when I was sixteen but I know it'll lead to heartbreak. My friends all tell me he's not worth it, and sometimes he sweet and really flirty and other times he's just so rude. Help!
posted by Hillary on 2/5/2008 @10:25:50 AM •
well... maybe it's just that you want more than anything to be his favorite. it's easy to confuse that with really caring for somebody... and he should never be rude.
posted by james on 2/5/2008
A guy who makes ur friends hate u & easily moves to other girls isn't worth it. If he really likes u and I mean REALLY likes u, u would b his no1 and wudn't b going to other girls. Sneaking around isn't going to help either, there's gd reason ur parents won't allow it cos they love u & want to protect u. Remember you're still young and he's not the only guy out there. He's not the only guy who can b sweet. Ur smart enough to know it'll lead to heartbreak & ur at a stage in ur life where u should b having fun & not letting this guy get to u. Gd luck x
posted by a friend on 2/5/2008

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