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About 6 months ago I cheated on my boyfriend of 3 years. I'm not sure why i did it but it happened. About a month after it happened i found out i was pregnant. I'm not sure who the dad is going to be but i do know that he has never gotten over the fact that i cheat. I understand that he is hurting but now he acts like he's hiding stuff from me. I found out just a month ago that he put a personal ad on craigslist to seek friend and started email women back and forth, i've gotten over him emailing girl and believe that he was telling the truth about it just being friends talking until a few days ago when i found out he was texting with a girl. He told me that its a girl he went to high school with and she just found him online and asked if she could text him. I have this strong feeling that its one of the girls from the emails but he wont admit to it. I'm losing sleep over the thought of them texting. I understand that i missed up first and we're having a hard time fixing things but i'm not sure what to do with my feeling about thinking he's going on on me now. Can someone please help me figure out what to do? Thank you
posted by Angie (age 22) on 1/24/2011 @2:51:28 AM •
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