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"little fights"
I had been with this guy for a year and seven months. A couple days ago we broke up. The only reason we broke up tho, is because we fight all the time. We always have these stupid little fights, which we get over, but over time it just builds up and it's very stressful. I can't figure out a way for us to stop fighting all of the time. If we figure that out, we'll get back together. Neither of us want to be apart... It's just gotten to be too much... Any ideas?
posted by nicole on 1/24/2011 @10:48:12 PM •
in my experience... if you want to stop that stuff, you've got to be the one to do it. so before you get upset about something, just ask yourself, "is this really important?" if it's not, then forget it. then - once he sees nothing bothers you - he'll feel like a goofball when he gets upset over nothing.

i hope that helps!
posted by jon on 1/25/2011
iv been there too we used to fight all the time for such a stupid thing...coz he wanted to fell like im his wife know wt i mean? and it hurts me allllot he cares abut that thing only.sorry 4 teling this .like jon said u have to think does he realy worth it
posted by toto (age 20) on 1/26/2011

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