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"know it all therapists"
We have a group of therapists who come in our home every week and tell us how to raise our child who has Auism. How do we answer their stupid questions, about things we already know and do, without making them write bad reports on us?
posted by Denise (age 41) on 1/28/2011 @2:08:35 PM •
wait... so you actually DO know how to raise your own child?

that's a joke.

although i don't have any children, i understand unwanted, unneeded, unnecessary advice. i think the best thing to do is avoid taking their words personally. if you can manage to do that, and "thank" them for all their help, surely you can avoid negative reports...
posted by jon on 1/28/2011
Can I just say "I know" to every thing they say or suggest.
They sure would get tired of hearing that huh?
posted by Denise on 1/28/2011
first..thanks denise for your advice ...im prety sure that no one knows how to raise your own child better than you and they should know that but sure you may need their help .there is no reason make them write bad reports ,since u honest and open whith them ..its obvios ur good mom ..
posted by toto (age 20) on 1/29/2011
you'd think they'd get tired of "i know"! but... it does take a ton to make some people tired. and they may see "i know" as belligerent or something.

i think i'd do my best to seem like i really appreciate what they're saying...
posted by jason on 2/1/2011

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