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"cut.......lost soul"
i know all of us have our own problems..every one may taste drops of sorrow..iv heared that time can realy heal our scares and erase the pain away.but it seems that i will be haunted by my past..i didnt know that love is payable.the first one who i thought he is different,i wont deny he did respect me but then he wanted me to satsfy his physical needs at the begining i refused then he kept pushing ...i didnt stayd that much whith him for that reason.after this relationship i knew for the first time in my life wt depression means .i hated my self 4 letting him using me in that way coz i didnt imagin my self in that sahmed possition this is not me i swore i said to him i dont want to but he didnt care.after my feelings been healed a bit a met this guy i thought he is the one and i told him my story and i its realy destroy id he do the same. but guess wt? he didnt only aske for his needs but he threatend me that he will hurt himself coz my love is not enough be coz i didnt gave him wt he need (can u just belevv it?? ) also this time i caused to my self i let him do wt he like and tha at the last time he did it to my i was i just a body? dont they even know that i have a feeling .?? now i do realy hate my life literally ..will some one plz tell me how can i forget these memories its realy kills me inside
posted by toto (age 20) on 1/29/2011 @3:24:06 PM •
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