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my first ever boyfriend asked me out after this dance that he asked me to, and i was ecstatic! i really liked him and it just seemed like everything was perfect. he came over one night and we were watching a movie and snuggling on the couch. a couple days later my parents told me that we didn't need to be that close to each other. the next day they took up my phone for 2 weeks. after 1 week they sat me down and told me that they had read my text messages. (we had been joking about fooling around and making out and whatever) they blocked his phone number from my phone and i wasn't allowed on facebook or anything. we broke up after less than 2 months and it is very much my parents' faults. before we broke up we both agreed that it wasn't working right then but we should try it out later. about a month later i messaged him and he told me he had moved on. i am still so heartbroken about this whole thing. i didn't love him, but it was so wonderful to have someone care about me in a romantic way and tell me that i'm beautiful and stuff like that. it made me so happy and now that we broke up i haven't been as happy as i was with him and it has been about 2 months. is this permanent? how do i get over this pain and heartache?
posted by stefani on 1/31/2011 @12:33:44 AM •
i know exacly how do feel ..2 good news 1 thats wasnt realy realy love 2 u will move on too ..the way u feel right now is soo normal all of us been there liked this guy coz he was soo nice to u and made you feel spical thats why u couldnt be ablr to forget abut him but true love will find u some day and he will erase all the pain ..this guy realy moved on his own life like u said and this a sign ..move on dear
posted by toto (age 20) on 1/31/2011

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