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"Public Speaking"
Hey recently I was asked by my teacher to be in a publice speaking contest. I hate speaking in front of peopl and told him that,but he keeps insisting I go and said that I would be good at it. He even offered to take everyone cometing in the contest to the restuarant of my choice on himafter the contest. I'm extremely terrified to talk it front of people and will have a lot of homework that day due to me having a gifted class and not being at school that day. I feel really bad if I dont go but am terrified to go. I told him I didn't want to go and then told be I should feel bad cause I had let him down and keeps pressuring me to go. What do I do?
posted by erica (age 16) on 2/5/2011 @6:19:42 PM •
well... i say forget about him pressuring you (i don't like to do stuff that people pressure me into doing, so that's why i say that), but... no matter what it seems like, everybody's terrified. getting out of your comfort zone can be a really good thing! and, too - what's the worst thing that could happen? let's say you start talking, and a buffalo runs out and knocks you down. who cares? nobody would remember it was YOU, they'd just remember the story... if you think it's time to do something scary (that could help make you more comfortable), just go for it!
posted by jon on 2/7/2011

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