family advice (post new situation)
"i felt she was calling me on."
so my mother posted on FB that she's going to be grandma again.
and my sister said that her third is on the way ( she's 21)
so my auntie on my dad side said " dont they believe in birth control?'
so then i posted after that" thats offending."
and then she apologized to my sister and stuff, then was like i thought me and your mom were getting along but i guess not, and, then to me she said " what are you gonna do about it"
NOw i just want to post on her wall either calling her on cause we both live in the same city, or telling her my mom will do something about makes me mad!
but then i still havent done nothing. casue i will fight and to me its fighting words and i wont back down.
then again should i private message her and explain thats why i posted that and tell her if she has her own problem with me, lets go!
posted by Trace (age 22) on 2/8/2011 @1:35:08 AM •
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