relationship advice (post new situation)
uhm me and this guy just broke up..cause it seemed like he didnt rele care bout me and i wanted us to be cool but obviously he didnt so wht should i do caus ei think i still like him...
posted by Sam on 2/5/2008 @6:17:30 PM •
first of all, did yall have a friendship relationship in the beginning? b/c that can be very monumental in relationships. if he doesnt wanna be kool now then he doesnt deserve you in an actual relationship b/c he could jus try 2 use you and noone needs that.
posted by eskimo on 2/5/2008
I say that if he doesn't want to be friends then sometimes you just have to accept it and move on. Sometimes its hard, but in the long run you'll be better off.
posted by nick on 2/5/2008
Of course u still like him, u had a relationship! Those kind of feelings don't go away easily. It's hard to move on, but u have to show ur strong and do it. Remember the reason u broke up and if this guy doesn't want to b a friend, he wasn't ur friend to begin with. Trust me if he sees a strong girl he'll know what he's missing and u'll find someone better. The best relationship is the one where the guy is ur friend AS WELL AS your boyfriend ;-)
posted by a friend on 2/5/2008

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