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my boyfriend broke up with me because he "isn't ready for a relationship." we dated for only 4 months, but honestly everything was pefect about it, he was my best friend. He still says he cares about me so much, and that he's terrified of losing me because of this. I don't know what to do because I want to be with him, but I don't want to sit around and wait forever for him.
posted by broKen on 2/6/2008 @8:48:39 AM •
My friend ex broke up with her inexplicably after almost a year together cos 'he didn't think they were right together and he knew it a long time' cos they didn't have all things in common. Guys are strange and it can be impossible for us to understand the things they do, but in their minds they have a good reason. There's nothing wrong with remaining friends if u can. But he can't expect u to wait around for him when it was HIS choice to let go of the relationship and if he gets annoyed if u meet another guy remind him of this. Who knows if u get back together, but he shouldn't keep you waiting around cos it's not fair to u and if he cares about u he should know. Best of luck to u cos things like this r never easy :-)
posted by a friend on 2/7/2008

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