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"does this guy like me or is he a stalker"
I have a man and he has known it for more than a year. He has always came around me and him because he knew I was pregnant and one time we was fighting and this guy told me to just relax and take care of my baby in my stomach!!! He drives by real slow and stares and then my guy would cuss him out and he'd pull away. Well he eventually stopped and now he just always looks at me when me and my man run into him. He seen me getting gas and he pulled up beside me and got his gas right beside me when all the other pumps were open he pulled beside me but my windows were rolled all the way up and i was ready to go. Now here lately when we run into him, he doesn't make as much eye contact as he used to but he still comes around when hes out and about and I'm not sure what he is thinking? does he like me? or is he a stalker?
posted by kristy on 2/25/2011 @11:31:49 PM •
i'm not a stalker expert, but... i think you really have to pay attention to your what your gut tells you with stuff like that. if he creeps you out or makes you feel weird, then - at least in my opinion - it's stalking... otherwise, he's just some dude that's not getting the hint!
posted by jon on 3/3/2011

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