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"i Hate My Life"
I was 20 when I started having kids but things never worked out between me and my kids moms and by the time I was 23 I had 3 kids at 24 I got my truck drivers license and started a great job. Then I found out the grandmother of my kids tricked the mother of my kids and tried getting custody of my kids I spent over $14000.00 trying to get them. It didn't work cause they had more money than my family. Then I was ordered to pay $191.88 a week after 8 months at my job my boss mistook me for another driver complaining about my job over the CB radio. " like as if he knew my voice like as if we hung out everyday...." So fighting to find a decent job to keep on paying my high child support. Next thing I know I'm behind paying, then I found a job driving over the road but I didn't know much about that so I had to learn the hard way. During one of my trips I got a log book violation in Virginia. No big deal when I got home I payed the ticket, until I got a letter in the mail from Massachusetts saying they found it to be an issue so they suspended my license for 90 days. Barely recovering from that, and only being able to pay to care for myself ,my child support now so far behind my taxes couldn't even catch it up. So after a few years of jobs here and there never being able to get a solid job it caught up to me. The court made a date for me and my EX to go in and discuss my support issue. But they wanted to arrest me luckily I was getting along with her at the time she asked them not to cause she doesn't think that it solves anything. So we decussed it and they thought me paying 225.00 a week to catch up would help me. " They were wrong " So struggling to pay my bills And child support they levied all my bank accounts. By the time I turned 31 a friend told me about this guy we all knew and he could use some help with his company as a CDL over the road Driver. And I loved it and he loved me as a driver he taught me so much about over the road driving and it felt good. And that's when I started to catch up on ALL my bills. Well our major stop was in Kansas and I'd always a couple of days off there and I met a girl and one thing after another 5-6 months later I found out she was pregnant witch didn't sound right cause I swore she said she was on the pill. So driving back and forth kansas to massachusetts I really never had enough time off. So my boss told me that if I lived in kansas I'd have more time off. So I moved and he was right but then after that is when I found out that the girl that I had got pregnant had a skitsophrania issue and when I tried to get her to move out of her studio apartment and in to a two bedroom she kicked me out. So I moved in the two bedroom by myself after a few months I met a girl at my storage and we dated for about 4 months and we got along so great we decided to have her move in with me to my place "why pay for two places when we could split one and she only had a 1 bedroom and I wanted to have the two bedroom in case some of my family ever came to kansas. When she had put my boss on the spot about me getting my passport. So feeling on the spot about it he ended up laying me off for 4 months. "Like I needed that" So after 4 months of searching for another job I couldn't find one that would pay me more than $9.00 an hour for a driving position I talked and begged my boss for work and he sent me back on the road and as soon as I left the girl living with me and her mom and friends cleaned me out they stole over $13000.00 worth of my stuff from my pillows and bed sheets to the dishes and pots and pans she even took my trash can. She even took the $350.00 I gave her to pay the bills. And then when I was trying to talk to her she told me to stop calling her or she would file a P.F.A "protection from abuse" well all I could do is just keep on working I was in texas by then I didn't really have any friends yet that I could have sent over there to save my stuff. So all I could do is just drive and take it :-( so after my trip I got back to find all my stuff gone except my bed,futon,laptop,tv and entertainment center. So I made friends with the maintenance kid and he became a good friend through all this. So I couldn't pay my rent cause I had to pay the bills so they wouldn't get shut off while I moved out so I had to move in with my new friend. And he was helping me get past all that by taking me clubbing. Well 5 months later I met another girl and she is great she was going through a divorce and to get out of my friends place we decided to get an apartment together with her 15 year old and she was helping the best she could to help me replace the things I lost. 2 months after she got laid off and my job was going strong again. That's when my boss informed me that the state of kansas wanted him to deduct $705.00 a month out of my check. My new girlfriend we were going out for a year and then my boss died, he had a heart attack while he was sleeping in his truck now here I am 6 months later no job no life trying to get myself back to massachusetts. My mom helped me get my uhaul $1650.00 not that she had the money either. Now I just need to find out how I'm going to get the gas to get there 1800 miles. And did I mention that my child support is now almost $90,000.00 and my kids don't even live with the mother they live with the grandmother cause the mom is to caught up with her pill popping boyfriend and I'm back to having no job and no money and no way to fight my problems for a long time. If I could open a bank account I could take out a loan like normal people. All I ever wanted was to have a normal family one mother for my kids and a wife for me. Why is it that I have such bad luck???? I do good things for good carma... And my dreem is to have a good happy life with all the things I ever wanted. Why can't it be like that :-(
posted by Dan (age 35) on 3/5/2011 @5:44:34 AM •
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