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"can't talk to him on phone"
Hi I have recently met a man on line we get along so well and talk everyday I think he is french sometimes he has trouble with a few american words. He works for an oil company and Texas and wants to buy my ticket and fly me there which I am looking so forward too. He said he has so many surprises for me. He lived in France and speaks english too. I am dying to hear his voice but I think he is aftaid If I know he has an accent I may be turned off not at all I think It is great. He talks about a life together we write poetry to each other he tells me he wants to marry me we are on the smae page. I just do not understand why I can not call him? He said his pictures are legitate he is my age his address checks out the place where he works. Whats going on? concerned.
posted by Linda (age 51) on 3/13/2011 @8:09:01 AM •
No way! 99% chance this guy isn't who he says he is. Meeting people online is SO dangerous, as I hope you know, so everyone should be really careful. Definitely DON'T let him fly you out there. Honestly, I would tell him to give you proof of his identity or forget it and try to meet people in your own city!
posted by Brittany on 4/13/2011

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