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"Why do i still feel this way?"
Why do I still seem to have feelings for my ex-girlfriend; and why do I daydream about other girls even though I'm in live with my current girlfriend...
posted by Chase Dorton on 2/6/2008 @7:31:19 PM •
don't assume ur feelings are something u can control. You still have feelings for your ex cos u had a relationship, but remember there WAS a reason u broke up. Of course you notice other girls it's a natural thing we all have hormones, it's only wrong if u make a move with it. Just remember the person u have and what makes them special, it might help. If u love ur girlfriend enjoy loving her, cos love isn't something that comes around everyday and it's very hard to find. Hope I helped a little :-)
posted by a friend on 2/7/2008

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