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I just got married last August. I had started dating my husband a year before that. At that time I only weighed about 115 lbs at 5'5, everyone told me I looked sickley. I gained over the last year about 15 lbs now everyone says that I look much better and healthier. Except, my husband he says I look fat and gross. The only place that I have fat is on my stomach the rest of me looks great. I think now that I made a mistake marring him. He seems so superficial. I know that he has dated women bigger than me even though I see in his younger day pictures that he did go out with skinny women. He says that I gained this after we got married that is not true I gained it before and have not gained any since. A lady from my church says to work i to out but I do not think there is resolution except that I work out and loose weight, I do not feel that I should have to, especially since I am not really grossley overweight. Need advice...
posted by Jennifer (age 44) on 3/15/2011 @4:37:36 PM •
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