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"out of line "
my boyfriend and i have lived together for several years now and have been together for over 6. last year, he was having an inappropriate text message relationship with an old high school friend. they declared themselves "best friends" and he brought her and her kids to town and put them in a nice hotel for 2 days. (there were many lies involved with this situation as well). anyway, after a huge long-lasting row about this, we moved on. now, less than a year later, i found a text message on his phone where he asked a co-worker "to be my valentine". i also know that he goes shopping with this coworker quite often (which he lied about) and goes to lunch with her all the time. we also attended a wedding over the weekend and he started running his hands through another woman's hair while i was standing right beside him. he went to do it again until i physically knocked his hand down. does anyone else agree that this is out of line? since these seem to be recurring events, i think i need to check out of this relationship. thoughts?
posted by jo (age 47) on 3/16/2011 @1:05:17 PM •
Yes , You need to move on. There is a fine line between playful , flirting and cheating .It sounds like he may be on the flirting, cheating line. If he is doing these things in front of you imagine what he does when you are not there.
posted by Theresa on 3/24/2011

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