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"My Mom wants to move"
My mom wants to move to 6hrs away to live with her husband. I come from a family of 5 children, my youngest sister will be graduating this year in June. My father died 7yrs ago and my mom re-married her husband about 4yrs ago and they have lived 6hrs away from eachother and drive/fly back and forth to visit eachother every/everyother weekend. All of my fathers family lives here, all of her kids/grandkids live here. she wants to move ASAP and i feel really stuck on how i should feel. her husband has NO family where he lives which is why i think its odd that she would WANT to move there instead of him moving here. The original plan was for him to move here this month because he would be retiring, now he is not going to, so she wants to move there. I dont know what to say other than that i support her decision... but i DONT!
posted by BB (age 26) on 3/22/2011 @6:59:49 PM •
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