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"my son"
wut do i do when my babi dadi is tryin to take my son and i don't have a lawyer cause there alll tellin me the samething and the babi might not even be his wut if i don't get him back he won't let me see him or anything the last time i seen him it was october and he's like 9 months now
posted by sami on 2/6/2008 @7:59:59 PM •
sounds like you definitely need to talk to a lawyer. even though it may seem like they don't know what they're talking about, i'm sure they do. they're gonna give you the best advice they have. and you also need to get a paternity test. if it isn't his baby, the whole situation would be solved...
posted by sara on 2/14/2008
Get a DNA test done first... Go to court and at least get visitation. If he doesn't allow you after that ((and you do have visitation rights)), call the cops when it's yoour turn to get your son ((make sure you have court papers saying it's your visitation time)) and they'll file a complaint with the court and he can explain himself in court. In the mean time, stay strong.
posted by Megan on 2/25/2008

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