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Ever since I was a child, I have been told that love is the most important thing in life. It is the foundation of all that is around us. It binds us into a society, it keeps life flowing, and most of all it keeps us happy. Half a year has went by since I ended my relationship with my first love due to her moving to the other side of the world. Now I am starting to realize that love, although important, is not something I can base my life off of. I realized that all my life my goals have all been around falling in love, seeing the world with her, then raising a family. I have no personal aspirations, no world changing ideas, and I realize that this mind set is counterproductive to my wishes because once I fall in love, things slow down for me. Now I am alone and lost, I'm in college, but all I am doing is working on general classes, I have no job, and I have no set values that I believe in. Where can I begin to figure out who i want to be? Not knowing where to go from here has quite literally been making me sick.
posted by Ryan (age 20) on 4/5/2011 @11:50:01 AM •
Love is not meant to be only romantic. Love is something that is shared through friends, family, coworkers, strangers, and more importantly the love you have for your self. You will have many times in your life in which you feel you don't know where you are at or where you're supposed to be going, that is actually a GREAT place to be. It means you get to experiment with yourself, it means your options are endless, there are unopened doors surrounding you, waiting for your exploration of them. And there is also Love, within this time in your life, it may not be romantic, but love is truly everywhere, in everyone, in anything that you experience. Love is not one thing shared between two people romantically, it is all encompassing to your life as a whole. You just need to find the places or people that inspire your love for life and others! Love can not be confined to a specific type or situation because it truly is a part of every aspect of your life, should you choose to see it. I don't know you, but I love you, because you are my fellow being. To base your life's importance around love, is one of the greatest and truest ways to live, in my opinion, the way we are meant to live. When life seems to come into a stagnant place, where things aren't moving and we are confused as to what we are meant to be doing, is a time in which you are being given to indulge in your love of Self. It is a natural "break" in your path, to be able to find focus, experiment with yourself, LOVE yourself, find all things/people around you that make you feel love. Be open, be flexible, go with the flow of what you love in life, and you will always end up in the best place for yourself!! - Alisa Kalina, Advice Columnist for The Movement Within
posted by Alisa on 4/5/2011

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