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"My ex who I love very much is moving.."
My ex and I broke up in Feb. He is moving in 3 weeks to go back to Texas where he is from. I am CRUSHED. Just knowing that he will not be down the street from me anymore kills me. I have so many feelings for him still and I know he still has feelings for me. I asked him if he wants to see me before he goes and he said yes. But then he said he thinks it is going to make it harder for the both of us. I want to see him as much as I can..just knowing that I might not ever see him again scares me. Should I try and see him a lot or let it go? And do you think we should still talk when he moves? Skype? Or should I just move on?
posted by Jessica (age 23) on 4/6/2011 @2:18:18 PM •
well, the long distance relationship is always difficult, i suggest trying a long distance relationship at first and if your having second thoughts just move on
posted by Tiffany on 4/7/2011

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