relationship advice (post new situation)
"so lost n confused"
okay so theres this gurl i have known for 4 years and i have had a crush on her pretty much for 3 years.

about 3 times we have started "talking" but she ends up going 2 other guys instead. one time we "talked" for an entire month then she dates a guy she "talked" to for only 3 days. the pain was so overwhelming.

now we are like the best of friends but its so hard not to look into her eyes and not wish for her to be mine. we have talked about still having feelings for each other but still nothing comes from it.....does anyone have any bit of advice for this kind of situation. it would be gladly appreciated
posted by anthony on 2/7/2008 @1:05:10 AM •
that is very frustrating to go through. I don't know how you've talked together, but mayb it's a case of u needing to b clear to her that u want to b with her. Mayb uv just said I like u and u should b saying I want to be with u, I want to go out. She may be going to other guys cos she doesn't know if anything's gonna happen between u 2. Girls like attention it helps them confirm they're pretty, never underestimate saying to a girl how good she looks or how wonderful she is, it's something they need to hear. Or it's a case that it's not meant to be, though it's hard, try to move on to other girls who are out there. Wish u luck :-)
posted by a friend on 2/7/2008
the thing is i have actually told her before ive wanted 2 go out. and she said jus not now but next thing ya kno she got a bf. thats when we "talked" for about a month. i have tried going 2 other gurls and ive had a few gfs since but i cant seem 2 get my mind off the same person. i completely agree about not underestimating about telling a gurl how wonderful or beautiful they are and i have told her multiple times. btw i really appreciate the advice *a friend*
posted by anthony on 2/7/2008

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