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"Long Distance Relationship"
A couple of months I met a man online. I wasn't communicating with people online to find a relationship/friendship but I made some really good friends and we exchanged numbers. I talked a lot with one man in particular and I started to find myself very attracted to his personality and he said the same for me. We started flirting more. We talk on the phone every day or text and sometimes we talk on the phone while watching movies and stuff like that. I'm not in a relationship with this man, I told him we need to at least meet in person first, but we both really want to be. I live in Pennsylvania and he lives in Utah. He wants me to visit this summer but I don't think I'll be able to because my parents will definitely not let me go visit a man I met online. I'm 20 years old and clearly capable of making my own decisions and paying for it but I don't have my own place yet and until I live on my own (I'm moving out next summer when I transfer to my college's main campus) I have to abide by their rules or I'll be kicked out. Plus they probably wouldn't approve of this whole situation anyway because he is 10 years older than me, but this isn't a problem for my because I'm not usually attracted to men my age. He has work so he can't really visit me and I will be in college for 3 more years. I really like this man to the point where I don't even care that he is not very physically attractive to most people. I'm so attracted to his personality that he doesn't even feel unattractive to me. I sometimes feel like I love him and I cry over what to do sometimes.

I don't find myself unattractive so I'm not doing this because I have trouble meeting men. This all sort of just happened and I've already gotten in pretty deep.

Does this all seem worth it in your opinion? I'm so lost right and my emotions are so screwed up I can't think straight. I really need some advice.
posted by Amanda (age 20) on 4/10/2011 @11:56:30 AM •
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