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"My best friend"
Alright so i ended up hooking up with this guy while i had a bf(yeah i know its wrong). And we both thought it would just be this one night stand kinda thing and then we would go on with our lives, well that didnt happen. We ended up becoming really good friends. Well we had started to develop real feelings for each other, but still while i had a bf. Well me and my bf broke up at a party and at the party i told the other guy and he ended up asking me out. Well almost a week went by and he tells me that he needs some time to think so we break up and now (which is 6 days after we broke up) hes telling me he needs space, but last night he texted me till midnight making me laugh and happy. So heres my problem i dont know if i should just let him have his space but still be waiting or just move on???
posted by K (age 17) on 4/13/2011 @7:44:17 AM •
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